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18 ct rose gold ring. streaked jade and rock crystal

Already 15.00

C 25.50

13.50 g

"Suspended Heart" Ring - Striated Jade

  • The heart of AGATA STRIATA brought my thoughts to the image of a woman with a desire for motherhood.

    This stone protects from negative events and stimulates the sense of protection, the agate protects the body and its organs thanks to its layered structure. The greater the parallel lines that make up the agate specimen in your hands, the more amplified will be the effects in this sense. Hence my desire to see it worn by a woman with a great sense of protection, certainly by a mother.

    And… .. like all women who dream, my dream pushes you to think of a man who gives this jewel to his partner in the particular moment of motherhood.

    Finally, in my game of transparencies, I could not help but combine the agate with rock crystal, both of the quartz family. In reality, it is a union already present in nature. It may happen, in fact, that inside the agate there is a part of rock crystal. In this case it is said that this stone, thus formed inside, leads to a particular development of memory.

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