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Raffaella was born in 1972 in a small village in the Venetian countryside, spending her childhood and adolescence isolated from the rest of the world, but surrounded by important affections, in a family of agricultural entrepreneurs with a patriarchal connotation, from which she learned above all the values linked to the land and what nature offers.

Immersed in such an apparently unfavorable context, Raffaella has the possibility and the sensitivity to try her hand at curious and stimulating games with nature between exchanges of colors and shapes, in a succession of imagined paintings, progressively nourishing and favoring a profound and spontaneous inner evolution. in the desire to represent the perception of so much beauty. A real charge of impulses, inspirations, "dreams in the drawer", which then turned into a real creative passion in adulthood.

The stone represents for Raffaella the reunion with her own origins. It is the raw element from which the artist draws inspiration, but to which, at the same time, he gives a more defined shape and, as if to sublimate an intimate exchange, enriches with a perceptible charge of emotion, which becomes the central factor.
For Raffaella the only possibility of managing the liveliness of emotions aroused by materials and colors is to give vent to her own creations.

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... one day I started drawing my heart ... to show the whole world the beauty that can emerge from the abyss ...



TWINS are born identical, but each has its own soul, essential to the other, like the stone set in the ring.

The thought arouses an emotion, the artist's hand, guided by the impulse, draws that unique emotion.

Rejoin one's self, one's deepest and most soulful part ... Belonging

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