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Woman ring in 18 kt rose gold, Lapis set, combined with rock crystal.

Lap 9.80

C 31.50

11.00 g

"Suspended Heart" Ring - Lapis

  • The BLUE heart is a heart that wants to appear, albeit delicately through the transparencies of the crystal, it is a heart determined to want to emerge.

    The hand that carries the blue heart is a warrior hand, which advances, makes its way and never gives up.

    In creating it, I thought of those women who predominate in feeling in thinking, those women who without wanting to appear appear for their colors, for their allure.

    Lapis lazuli increases concentration, when a person is more focused he keeps his gaze steady, fixes the goal and wants to reach it.

    This is the determined, coveted and recognized woman who wears my blue heart.