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Ring in 18 kt rose gold, rock crystal and jade

Already 16.00

C 26.00

13.00 g

"Suspended Heart" Ring - Jade


    I have chosen to shape a heart and I have chosen to place this heart on a ring.

    I love to think about the idea of a woman who likes herself.

    Here I imagine a woman who in her daily life, in carrying out her usual activities, can look at the heart she wears and feel an emotion every time she rests her gaze on it.

    My first suspended heart was just a heart of Jade, the stone of wealth; I have chosen it as an auspicious stone. It was followed by other suspended hearts, other important unique pieces, but only the jade heart I placed side by side with its pendant from the beginning. Yes, because, in addition to the stone of wealth, jade is also called the stone of love and its natural place is close to the heart.

    I can visualize my suspended heart of jade worn by a female Manager, a woman who has to make important economic choices in her daily life, but also a woman who loves intensely and unconditionally, just for the pleasure of giving.

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