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Ring in 18 kt rose gold, rock crystal and white mother of pearl

17.50 m

C 25.50

13.10 g

"Suspended Heart" Ring - Mother of Pearl


    THE SUSPENDED HEART OF MOTHER OF PEARL is the heart of a woman-princess.

    Who is the woman who as a child did not dream of being a princess?

    Some women, and I rank among them, even in adulthood, dream of being princesses even for just one day. By creating this heart, from whose transparency the whiteness of the mother of pearl emerges, I invented a way to feel like princesses every time we wear it.

    Not everyone knows that Mother of Pearl is the name Queen Elizabeth I gave to this lustrous “Mother of Pearl” material. And this is how, taking inspiration from this information, I like to think that it is a real pearl, something magical, like in fairy tales.

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